Saturday, January 18, 2014

The History of My Insanity and the Stripper Diaries, Trishas Paytas's New Books

Trisha Paytas has written two new books. One, the History of My Insanity, chronicles the damage the sex life has done to her mentally. It's an issue she's talk about in her videos on YouTube. The second is the Stripper Diaries, which are also more or less autobiographical.

Overall the common consensus seems to be that though the books have good story telling potential, that there were some technical errors (spelling, grammar) as well as plot eras which took a lot away from the books. Trisha self published her books on Amazon. Nothing's wrong with self publishing, one just needs to make sure one's books are edited before publishing on Amazon. Let's hope she reads the comments and incorporates the advice from the constructive elements into her work.

Trisha is a marketing genius. She did use her YouTube superstardom and decided to use it to make money in other ways. YouTube pays money per views, and for awhile that was probably one of her main sources of income. But she realized you can easily use that fame to make money for yourself in other ways. If her book sales become big enough, she might get a publishing deal or a film deal. Trisha is an excellent example of how to promote yourself as an entertainer in the digital age. For more of Trisha's perspective, you can check out my interview of her.

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