Saturday, January 18, 2014

My New Author's Page on Amazon

I didn't realize until recently that Amazon even had an author's page. Amazon made it easier for book readers to find authors on Amazon by grouping all the books and readers comments they have together as a single page. This way of someone is fan of writer they can keep updated on all the books they've written. My own Amazon page can be found here. I also have three documentaries available on Amazon. The first is the Many Faces of Occupy Wall Street. That video covers the spectrum of people from Occupy Wall Street as it was happening in 2011, from a variety of activists. The second is Rockaway Gentrification, which chronicles the history and the current gentrification of Queens, NY's Rockaway peninsula. The third is Coney Island Restoration, which is about how the city of New York brought Coney Island back from being nearly demolished.

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