Tuesday, January 21, 2014

At the Golden Globes Adrian Bustamante Interviews Nathalie DuBois of DPA Gifting Suite

Today I have a guest interviewer, actor Adrian Bustamante. We decided to cover the Golden Globes and interview one of the gifting suite companies that provides gifts to celebrities at major events such as Golden Globes and Cannes. The company interviewed was DPA Gifting Suite , owned by Nathalie Dubois. Some of the major companies that were at her suite were Coco Libre, Herzog Wine Cellars, the Yes Bar, Toffee Talk, Jill's Chocolates, the Sierra Club, Hinerava, Arido, Salvatore Ferragamo, Michael Kors,and Doina Pirau. The companies ranged from food/snack and beverage companies to fine jewelry, sunglasses, and other apparel companies. Adrian Bustamante: What's the name of the gifting suite?

Nathalie DuBois: DPA Gift Suite.

AB: How long have you been doing the gifting suite?

ND: This is the 9th year.

AB: Is there anything you would say to set your gifting suite apart from others at the Golden Globes?

ND: Two different things. There are many gifting suites in this city. The main thing is we're French and the French are very picky. We're the only one that have an international business. We did Dubai Film Festival for 5 years. We worked in the Middle East. We also worked in Asia in the Hong Kong Film Festival. We did pre Oscar, and we've done Cannes since 2005. Aside from our international events, we do international brands. The quality of our products is much better than some of the other gifting suites. Everything we have is really good quality. We have products that range from snacks and beverages to apparel. The clients are welcome to go somewhere else, but they will see the difference. We have the most A list celebrities.

A:B Yeah, exactly. I've noticed that as opposed to other suites, you guys actually have tour guides. What made you want to go that way instead of the normal route where they walk through and just say hi?

ND: Simply because I want them to have an experience. We have to carry their bags. We introduce them to people so they feel comfortable. We don't want to bombard people with different colors. We have to be a bit more sophisticated. I once took my clients to a suite that looked like a really bad trade show. I thought I could do much better. Also being French, I thought we could bring sophistication to it. I don't like to use the swag words. My thing is not swag. Just really beautiful products.

AB: I notice the products DPA has are actually products that I can use or that I can consume. Sometimes gifting suites have a lot of useless things.

ND: Everything we have, I use myself or I believe in it. It's my integrity. I am not money driven. I will not take a product I don't believe in even if someone offers me a fortune. I am not able to sell anything I don't believe in. Everything I have in the suite I either have, use, or wear. An example of what I'm proud of is that Sharon Stone will come to my suite wearing a necklace I gave her two years ago. Or in September Felicity was wearing a clutch I gave her three years ago in the Monte Carlo Film Festival. She said it was her power clutch that she uses when she goes to important meetings. They don't give my products to their maids, family, or friends. They don't recycle my gifts. They wear them.

AB: Yeah, makes sense. How do you choose what companies are at your gifting suite?

ND: There's different ways. We do a lot of research. I buy about $300 worth of press a week. I go to trade shows. I have meetings with foreign consulate with their development, like L'Oreal. I go to fashion week in Paris and Mumbai. I go to luxury trade shows in Monte Carlo and Paris. I just search. Before that I produced fashioned shows, and before that I was a journalist. Producing fashion shows gave me an edge. A lot of people approach me, they want to be a part of me. To give you an example someone called me at 7:30 this morning after she saw a segment on Fox. She wanted to put 25 pairs of shoes in my suite. I told her no; it was at the last minute. It is through referrals that companies get into my suite. Clients and stars both refer companies to me. The handbags were referred to me by a star in Paris. We have fantastic reputations with both the clients and the celebrities because of our excellent service and that makes our image.

AB: Yeah, it definitely does. I noticed from talking to people that there seem to be a few more people from Northern California. What that happenstance, or was that something you sought out?

ND: People are from everywhere. You'll see many French and Canadians (especially people from Novia Scottia). I search. You see the stars have everything. So what we want to do is surprise them with brand new things, new drinks, machines, etc. When you're dealing with people like Charlize Theron or Richard Gere, you want to make sure its worth their time.

AB: No, of course. I think this is an amazing event. Thank you so much for your time. ND: My pleasure.

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