Saturday, September 30, 2017

Utter Devastation Strikes the Caribbean and Mexico; Millions Need Your Help

The devastation from Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico is so extreme many maybe without electricity for months. Congress has yet to allocate an aid/reconstruction package to Puerto Rico. The entire island electrical and communications network was destroyed, along with devastation to houses, infrastructure and essentially everything else. Those with medical problems cannot necessarily get medical help as hospitals themselves have been severely damaged.

Sadly Puerto Rico is but one place that has severe hurricane damage. Many other Caribbean Islands also had considerable damage. The Virgin Islands, though a part of the United States like Puerto Rico, similarly have not had an aid package passed. A number of prominent politicians are now urging Congress to step up the help for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Meanwhile, other nations in the Caribbean also have horrible devastation. The Dominican Republic had considerable flooding. Flooding to this degree can spread disease, at a time with medical facilities are damaged.

Mexico has recently had two major earthquakes. Rescue crews are still digging people out of the ruble. There have been over 300 confirmed deaths in the second earthquake, and 96 confirmed deaths in the first earthquake. Mexico has also had substantial property damage.

Potentially tens of millions of people are affected. There are a number of ways to assist.

American Black Cross

Como Ayudar Mexico

Caritas Mexico

Caritas Dominican Republic

Caritas Puerto Rico

Emergency Supplies to Loiza, Puerto Rico

Purchase David Ortiz T-Shirt to Help the Caribbean

St. John’s Rescue, Virgin Islands

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