Monday, January 4, 2016

Raymond Arrieta, the Telemundo host has a history of doing Blackface and Brownface in his sketches. Strangely Telemundo which took great offense at Donald Trump’s comments seems to think that mocking Black and Brown people is harmless. Media representation of Latinos in Spanish Language media historically has been White. Afro Latinos or people of Native descent were excluded or otherwise marginalized by Spanish Language Media. A movement has risen against this and now protesters are taking to the internet to protest these racist images in Spanish language media. An example of this is a petition that demands Raymond Arrieta stop his Blackface and Brownface performances. More appalling is that Telemundo is owned by NBC Universal. NBC could never get away with having Blackface on their English language channels, so why is it okay for them to have Blackface on their Spanish language channels?

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