Friday, January 18, 2013

Cinematography in its Infinite Possibilities: Update

On Jan. 17th, at AARI CUNY, the Asian American Film Lab hosted an event with cinematographer Eric Lin. The event was moderated by Erik Lu. Both Lin and Lu are board members of Asian American Film Lab. The film lab works to increase diversity in the media and to provide workshops for members of the film community.

Eric Lin spoke in great deal about the technical and artistic aspects of cinematography. He was very informative about the active phase of production, filming, and also about the collaboration between directors and directors of photography during pre production.

Lin showed clips of two of the feature films he directed. The two were Exploding Girl and Arcadia. His work is excellent, and Lin spoke on how they set up the lighting, worked with other crew members such as the sound team, etc. This event would have been excellent not only for seasoned members of the film community, but those just entering the film industry would have benefited from attending. Lu asked Lin questions as moderator, and Lin also took questions from the audience.

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